Scarf Sizes

Scarf sizes are so diverse that there is, literally, a size for everyone. These little lengths (or large swaths) of fabric that we wrap about us for warmth, comfort, stature, elegance or frivolity are a broad canvas for the Bead Artist. Scarves, bandanas, mufflers, shawls, stoles, capes, wraps, throws and blankets of all sizes are suitable for beading.

Scarf size measurements vary among designers; even traditional sizes will vary depending on hemming technique or whether the measurements include the trim.

Our beadwork concepts equally apply to shaped scarves moving beyond the square or rectangle, to a jabot or collar, a cravat or caplet, or a swag, a cape, or a coat. The delight of sewing your own scarf is the option of making it any size (or shape) you like.

  • Bandanas & Neckerchiefs - commonly 22"x22" (56x56cm) squares of cotton, but can be of any fabric.
  • Shawls - rectangles (generally length is 1-1/2 times the width) or large squares folded as triangles.
  • Stole - presumed a rectangle significantly longer than it is wide and well covers the arms and shoulders.
  • Wrap - fully wraps the figure, generally twice the length of the width.
  • Throw - often an oblong at least an arm's breath 50" (127cm) wide.
  • Blanket - as wide as the manufactured goods allow.

The list below describes some familiar Scarf sizes.

22 x 22 inches56 x 56 cm
25 x 25 inches64 x 64 cm
36 x 36 inches91 x 91 cm
44 x 44 inches112 x 112 cm
6 x 24 inches15 x 61 cm
8 x 54 inches20 x 137 cm
11 x 48 inches28 x 122 cm
11 x 60 inches28 x 152 cm
12 x 60 inches30 x 152 cm
15 x 60 inches38 x 152 cm
14 x 72 inches36 x 183 cm
22 x 72 inches56 x 183 cm
27 x 70 inches69 x 178 cm
28 x 78 inches71 x 198 cm
36 x 80 inches91 x 203 cm
44 x 72 inches112 x 183 cm
50 x 72 inches127 x 183 cm
58 x 108 inches147 x 274 cm

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