Bead Craft Techniques
for Bead Embroidery & Wearable Art!

Bead Embroidery and Bead Jewelry techniques mingle here to create wearable art for the artist’s own wardrobe.

These pages are for both the experienced creative artist and those with
a newly budding interest in bead craft. It is hoped that any spark you find will inspire you to create with beads and enhance your own wardrobe.

Whether you are new to beadwork, embellish ready-to-wear, create beaded accessories, or design fully beaded Wearable Art, Bead-media believes you can achieve your artistic goals and hopes you will enjoy our pages.

We have Fussy Opinions about own beading styles and share tips, trick and bead work patterns, but our love of the craft bead has us listing resources for learning of all kinds including bead patterns, bead craft techniques, beading books, bead glossaries, weights & measures, and resources for wearable art materials.

***NO, we are not yet fully loaded, but come on in anyway! We have regular updates and you are so very welcome!

Fussy Opinions
Fussy Opinions, about this site, Musings, artists comments, updates
Wrap a Package
Wrap a Package, christmas wrap, birthday present, bead work, bead craft, free pattern
Bead Store
Bead Store, bead catalog, bead supply, craft bead, beads, wholesale beads, art bead
Bead Shows
Bead Shows and Where to find them
Beadcraft sizes
Beadcraft sizes, bead counts, conversion charts,
Bead Supply
Bead Supply: About Beads and Where to Find Them
Bead Magazines
Bead Magazines for Bead Artists and Craftspersons
Bead Embroidery
Bead Embroidery, beading techniques, beadwork
Beading Books
Beading Books about beads, how to bead, and associated craft
Bead Spinner
Bead Spinner, How to use a Bead Spinner, craft bead, beads, beadwork
Copyright Basics for Beadwork
Bead Study and Resources
Bead study for multi-media artists
Bead Glossary
Bead Glossary with images, bead references and sources