Bead Spinner
How to Use a Bead Spinner

This simple spindle and bowl is not a required tool, but you make want to try a Bead Spinner if you string seed beads on to wire or thread to tatt, couch, weave, knit, crochet, couch, or embroider with beads, or string many seed bead strands for making bead jewelry you may find this spin of a bowl a reason to celebrate!

Feeding many beads on a thread is something artists learn to do well;
deft hands minimizing bead flip or
bead spills
by nabbing beads with the tip of the beading needle using a fingertip to slide beads from the needle to the thread over and over and over again.

So where does the bead spinner come in? your short time to bead exhausted by stringing? Would you be willing to practice just a little to make those beads leap onto the line? With its round bowl and spindle, a slight bent to the needle tip, and a delicate touch,
Welcome The Bead Spinner!

(1) This simple manual machine can be in two parts: the stand with post and the bowl, which spins on the spindle (right). (2) Or, they may be one piece, with the spindle as part of the bowl that spins on its apex, like a top (left). Spoon beads to well cover the bottom of the bowl and decide on a needle. This could be a bit of wire, a thin beading needle, or just the end of a length of

beading cable. Most important: bend a slight curve to the tip of your choice of beading needle as it is this curve that helps draw up the beads.

Hold your needle ready with curved tip toward the inside of the bowl. Give the spindle a whirl turning so the beads are spinning toward the needle. While the bowl is turning, dip the tip of the needle inside the bowl near the edge of the beads in motion. This is where it takes practice: holding the needle at an angle that facilitates the beads feeding onto the line. I assure you, the minor struggle in mastering this little trick is well worth your time. Once they begin, the beads feed very fast!

Where can you find a Bead Spinner?
Knitting and crochet websites, bead sellers or you could make your own!

Artist: Albina, on Eni Oken's offers a
Free Bead Spinner Tutorial

Artist: Renate Simone at TidesWell Bead & Glass (CA) offers clever directions for an inexpensive, good looking version. Make your Own Bead Spinner

Artist: Kimberly Chapman very kindly shares directions on how to
Make your own Bead Spinner

The Beadspinner Lady offers this and other wonderful beading tools including Mirrix looms; be sure to check the show schedule and click through the wearable art gallery.

7Echoes, the sister site of the excellently informative has beautiful turned wood versions in two sizes.

A less expensive resource could be to search on eBay.
Type Bead Spinner in the search box.


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