Folded Paper
Bead Tray Pattern

Folded paper is a wonderful tool. We use all kinds of bead containers, bead trays and bead mats, but if ever without these supplies, we know we can bead because it is easy and simple to fashion a bead tray out of paper.

This example will start with a plain
8 1/2 x 11 sheet.

1. Mark each of the four sides of the paper with straight lines an inch or so from the edge.

2. Fold, creasing the paper along the drawn lines,

3. When the short sides are complete, open them back out and …

4. Fold and crease along the long sides of the paper.

5. With all creases completed, gently pull the corners open to allow the sides to stand up.

6. Pick up the paper at the edges, allowing the corners to fold to the outside, join the drawn lines and crease.

7. Fold the corner to the side and give it a pinch to crease the outside corner.

Secure with a piece of tape if available, but with just the creasing, the paper should stand up sufficiently to corral the beads.

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