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Art Study for Beadcraft and multi-media artists need not be restricted to 3-dimensional work. The Internet offers a world of inspiration at your fingertips. Don't know which works or which artists (living or historic masters) to look for? No worries, as there are galleries organized by collections, by era, by topic or theme some include biographies and discussions of both the art and times of the artist.

Figuartive painting sometimes depicts bead jewelry, embroidered clothing, or design that is applicable to costuming, historical reenactment or inspirational for your own extraordinary wardrobe.
For all art, viewing the use of color, light, shape, concept, and the reverence of contemplating an artist's work can lead to greater understanding of and possibly new venues for one's own creativity.

This page invites visits to on-line galleries for eye candy and information about artists. Most of the websites have extra zoom features to high-resolution images for close up viewing. We've listed Internet galleries and on-line displays from brick and mortar museums as well as poster sites. From many it is possible to purchase fine art canvas reproductions or art prints.

Thanks to the webmasters for the extra click to fabulous high-resolution images and to the poster and art print websites for making the famous, the less well known, and the emerging art, craft, prints and posters particularly accessible.

The list below is not exhaustive, but an introduction to doorways and (we hope) inspiration.

The Art Renewal Center (ARC)

is the largest on-line Museum
on the Internet. It's free to surf, read, learn and be swept away. Steadily expanding with thousands of high quality images of the greatest paintings and sculpture in history, the Art Renewal Center is building an encyclopedic collection of essays, biographies and articles by top scholars in the field. Be sure to view their section on Modern (living) Masters!

Once reminded of the names of favorite artists, you can search for an artist's work on any art website. For example, prolific artist, William Bouguereau, created over 800 paintings. Take the time to click on one. Some of his most famous are available on ARC, Arcadian Galleries, even AllPosters and and probably in one of the museums in your own home town!

My first exposure to Bouguereau stopped me in mid-stride, in the main gallery at San Francisco's Legion of Honor Museum. I stood transfixed for quite some time. A docent just smiled kindly as I wiped away tears (I hadn't realized I cried) "it happens all the time", he said. The memory of the light and emotion of Bouguereau's work still takes my breath away.

Besides Bouguereau, you could click on works by John William Waterhouse, Frederic Lord Leighton, Sir John Everett Millais, Jean Leon Gerome, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and so many, many more. Yes posters of all kinds from retro graphics to emerging artists, fine art reproductions to vintage serigraphs. Zoom feature allows up close viewing; great fun to peruse. If I hadn't taken the time I wouldn't have come upon the extraordinary illustration of Charles Bibbs, Richard Franklin or the sensitivity of Karl Albert Bueltr. A fast-loading site with zoom features for up close viewing of a wide variety of art prints. If you are seeking inspiration for color or texture in your creations, consider touring the extensive ABSTRACTS GALLERY at; it is amazing! Excellent online viewing from Vermeer to Perugini to Klimt; Monet to Mucha, to Bibbs, Wilson and Golay. So many more, so very accessible! Ability to search by subject, category and collection.

Global Gallery Information about art movements, artists' biographies, random art trivia as well as those clickable close-ups of wonderful art.

Arcadian Galleries Extraordinary viewing of masterpieces from the 15th to the 19th centuries; be sure to click through to the high resolution image for excellent viewing! Arcadian Galleries offers reproductions on canvas, if you would like to upgrade from that poster of your favorite work.

The Victoria & Albert Museum The V&A is the greatest museum of art and design, a world treasure house with collections of fabulous scope and diversity. The Museum holds over 3000 years worth of artifacts from many of the world's richest cultures. Don’t miss their collections of Costume and Textiles from the 17th century to the present day with the emphasis on progressive and influential designs from the major fashion centers of Europe. The V&A collections also include accessories such as Jewellery, gloves and handbags.

The Web Museum, Paris Let the Impressionists astonish you, as they did their contemporaries, with their revolutionary treatment of color and light.

Bud Plant Illustrated Books has over 520 pages, including biographies (and examples) of 102 artists and over 3300 images! Fabulous illustrators from Frank Franzetta to J.C. Leyendecker to NC Wyeth and many more.

Art Canvas-textured framed art prints. Viewable, expanding collection of world-class art.

The Guggenheim Museum The Guggenheim Collection: Each work may be viewed at small, medium, or large resolution, and is accompanied by insightful commentary. The site also includes additional scholarly and contextual information, such as artist biographies, definitions of art-historical terms, concepts on art, and suggested readings, all of which form a searchable database.

Metropolitan Museum of Art a magical place; along with the Guggenheim,
a great reason to visit New York. Great fine art displayed online with the added bonus of access to the world-renowned Costume Institute. The Metropolitan Museum possesses more than 75,000 costumes and accessories from seven centuries and five continents. Its nucleus is the collection of the former Museum of Costume. with impressive holdings of hats, shoes, gloves, and buttons; eighteenth-century menswear from the French and English courts; twentieth-century haute couture, especially from France; postwar American sportswear; and contemporary fashion.

Philadelphia Museum of Art Wonderful collections of collection of Asian art, European medieval sculpture, stained glass, and masterpieces of Renaissance painting, as well as Picasso, Braque, Matisse, and Duchamp to great works of abstract expressionism, and pop art. The Museum one of the nation's oldest and largest collections of costume and textiles!

Oxford University Oxford University's archive of museums on around the world.

French Ministry of Culture 18th Century French Artists!

Los Angeles County Museum of Art presents extraordinary online collections as well as Art Research library links.

Many museums and galleries will have their own list of favorite links well worth investigating.

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