Beading Ideas

When an artist proposes beading ideas they are playful and daring things. An idea presented offers opportunity for others to open and respond illuminated, realizing the possibilities. There is no doubt that the proposal itself expands the universe.

Beadwork continues to astound, with artists presenting new concepts and traditional skills, modern shapes and old patterns, well practiced techniques with their own beading ideas. With all such experimentation, (hopefully) there is also documentation of their artistic work.

Specific gratitude goes to the men and women who have written books, directions and patterns of beading ideas with the fledgling-artist in mind. Most of us enter a new media with interest but limited skills. No matter how proficient we may be at another art (or business, or household), gaining equilibrium working with new materials is greatly advanced by the trail so graciously cleared by precedent artists.

If it were not for the superb eye-candy of picture books of completed works most of us would not have conceived many of our own ideas
(or sought out fellow artists, learned what they wished to share, found our interpretations). If it were not for the discussions of concepts, beads, stitches and costume old and new, adventures may not have been undertaken. And, if it hadn't been for the well placed "why not?" responses from bead crafters, jewelry makers, sculptors, weavers, doll makers, costume and textile artists of all kinds, I might never have realized that I could combine all of my own (bead, fashion & fiber) interests and just let the ideas flow.

Yes, I am grateful.

Reading the books, attending the shows, visiting the museums and listening to the artists (collectors and aficionados), I follow many recommendations - until my own inspiration takes over - and I rocket across the sky like a comet! to burn out (recoup, rework)...or to leave my own minor trail.

Unabashedly engaging in bead study both frivolous and formal keeps one in a state of epiphany; it is a good thing to grow. The more understood, the more I am humbled by the innovative mind, and greatly impressed by the generosity of the talented hands that pull all of us up to (indeed) find our footing on the shoulders of giants. Does that sound too silly for related crafts that some don't think even equals an art?

No, I don't think so.

The value of creativity, from a well-turned phrase to a well-blocked hat, from simple strung beads to the most elaborate of beadcraft, serves to uplift one's spirits and the spirits of others. The art, the work, the evocative quality transcends our differences like a shared understanding that needs no additional language. The beads attract, they sooth, they inspire the artist within. They work together.
The world needs more of such things.

I delight in the possibilities.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!"